A Favorite Thrift Store Dresser

A few weeks ago, Daughter shared her favorite auction steal with the Bold Buffet. Today, we are sharing our favorite thrift store find!

In Daughter’s Master Bedroom, there is a small space between her bathroom and closet doors; 61″ to be exact. Finding furniture to fit the wall space and the scale of the room proved difficult but we never give up on the mission! You never know when you’ll find the perfect piece! After several months (perhaps a year?), Daughter spotted this dresser at her neighborhood thrift store. The price tag was $65, a little steep for a thrift store but it had the perfect dimensions, a modern silhouette (once you removed the handles) and was in excellent, pristine condition. She didn’t have to think long and before she knew it, her dad was there to lend a hand and his truck.

Dresser by National Furniture from Mt. Airy, NC

The dresser was manufactured by National Furniture from Mt. Airy, NC. It has 6 drawers – two small, narrow top drawers and 4 deeper drawers. The scale works beautifully in between the two door frames.

georgia & daughter: Dresser painted in Annie Sloan Aubusson chalk paint

To paint the dresser, Daughter bought the new Annie Sloan Aubusson blue chalk paint. The prep work was minimal, slight sanding around a few corners and a thorough cleaning. After two coats of paint and two coats of clear wax (three coats on top), the dresser anchors the “That Bowtie I like” art from Michelle Armas splendidly. Daughter purchased all 6 drawer pulls from Amazon.

The white and gold lamps were a Goodwill rescue project. The bases were pewter with gold trim and they were missing their lamp shades. However, after a solid coat of white spray paint, fresh gold trim and new white linen shades, they appear more high-end then their original $8 price tags.

georgia & daughter: Thrift Store Lamp makeover

georgia & daughter: Thrift Store dresser painted in Annie Sloan Aubusson chalk paint

Thrift store dresser / Painted in Annie Sloan Aubusson chalk paint / Cosmas Hardware from Amazaon / Thrift Store Lamps / Gold Sphere from HomeGoods / “That Bowtie I like” by Michelle Armas

Mission accomplished!

~georgia & daughter

{DIY} Kitchen Tile Floors

The subtitle for this post should be . . . “leave it for the professionals!”

There has been an on-going debate in Daughter’s household regarding the ease of any given tile project. Daughter’s husband has always contended that it should be left for the professionals and Daughter’s response is, “How hard can it really be?” After spending almost 3 full days on this project, Daughter has seen the light.


This post will not be a complete tutorial on how to tile a kitchen floor. Daughter and her husband (and friendly supervisor) were too busy concentrating to take detailed photos (or maybe she doesn’t want to relive it). This post, however, will give you an overview of how to gauge an easy or difficult tile project. Stick with us, this post is lengthy with a photo library.

Daughter’s kitchen is roughly 200 square feet and rectangle in shape, plus a small pantry. The selected tile is Forum Ivory and finished with Alabaster grout, both purchased from Floor & Decor. It is a 12″ x 24″ tile and the grout was a pre-mix color and sealer. One thing we learned throughout this process, the longer tile is more difficult to cut for small or narrow pieces. We love the overall look of the elongated tile but it took Daughter a few days to get over its diva attitude. Smaller squares tiles might be easier for first time DIYers.

An important design idea to contend with, the direction of your tiles. Originally, Daughter wanted to run the long tiles horizontal with the window but due to an inconvenient floor joint and the possibility of cracking, the tiles were positioned to run vertical in the room.

Rip Seam

Second design consideration should be tile layout. Again, the long tile pushed Daughter against her original design direction. The manufacturer recommended a 30% offset versus a traditional 50% brick style pattern.


After removing the original linoleum flooring and scrapping the old glue, the crew placed the tiles along the concrete joint and spaced them accordingly. If any cracks occur, it will happen within the grout line and hopefully, save the tiles.

Clean floor - large joint

Why would anyone put a joint running the length of a kitchen? Husband’s reply, “SOP.” Oh.

Clean floor - large joint 2

Meet Miss Riley, a.k.a. Tiny Tim.

Running Tile

To assist in the prevention of tiles cracking and the joint expanding, the crew used thinset and mesh tape to fill in and cover the joint. Seam

Aligning the tiles with the joint provided a few challenges. The first one being the narrow gap along the wall. Cutting 12″ x 24″ tiles into 2″ x 24″ tiles is not an easy task and a wet saw becomes your best friend.


Laying the tile took a solid 2 days worth of work. The small cuts in the pantry, under the stove, dishwasher and refrigerator and perfecting the angle of the sink were extremely time consuming.

Complete floors before grout

A few days later, Daughter and her husband were able to grout the floor in 2 1/2 hours. What a difference grout makes!

Complete floors before grout 2

Before grouting


After grouting

The final product is beautiful! The tile is durable and will withstand two large dogs and constant traffic from the back yard.




One step closer in improving a builder grade box into a personalized, upgraded home.

~georgia & daughter

Dining Room Rug (and proper pad!)

This post is sponsored in part by RugPadUSA.com. All opinions are our own.

15% coupon available at the end of the article.

Before Daughter tiled her kitchen floors, she had been dreaming of placing a 6′ x 6′ Sisal Rug in the Kitchen Nook. It would add dimension, warmth, texture and floor protection to the otherwise cold and simple space. Daughter ordered this gorgeous rug from Overstock.com.

Beautiful Sisal Rug with Black Trip from Overstock

The shape is a simple 6′ x 6′ square with a subtle chevron weave in the Sisal and the black border adds a special touch. Luckily, after Daughter completed the new kitchen tile, she moved the rug into the dining room and it worked like a charm!

Sisal Rug from Overstock.com

Around the same time, RugPadUSA.com reached out to us and offered us two samples of rug pads and we jumped at the chance. Although, rug pads are not a glamorous, TV worthy home design topic; they are sooo important to your floors!

Here’s a short story for you: In Georgia’s basement, her husband has a man cave and all things hunting, fishing, Georgia Bulldogs and the University of Kentucky. They also have basement-approved laminate floors with rugs scattered everywhere. Georgia has tried her best to make the room look cohesive but her husband insists on a huge UGA rug by the entry door. The rug was probably meant for an outdoor space as it was backed with thick rubber and they didn’t think to use a rug pad. After several years, they decided to move the rug. Not happening. The rug had adhered to the floor and had to be removed in pieces. Georgia’s husband had to use Goo-b-done and other specialty products to fully clean the remaining rubber and rug pieces, a tedious and difficult task! Lesson learned.

A quality rug pad will not stain, damage or discolor your floors. We look for manufactures that provide environmentally safe pads and hopefully be produced in the U.S.A. Plus, rug pads should offer cushion and protection for your newly invested, gorgeous rug!

RugPadUSA.com Premuim Lock Rug Pad

This pad is a natural rubber rug pad.

After researching, we found that Rugpadusa.com meets those quality standards and we feel confident that both our floors and rugs are protected! Their rugs are made with 100% natural rubber. Natural rubber is the safest material to use on all floors. While big box pvc pads “stick” to floors, natural rubber will “grip” floors and has very low VOC’s. It is produced directly from real rubber trees, thus out-gassing and floor staining is never an issue. We also appreciate that the RugPadUSA.com website offers a wide selection of products and varying price points. You can search by floor type or desired material. One rug pad doesn’t fit all.

We tested the Eco-Solid and Premium Lock rug pads at the 1/4″ thickness. Daughter wanted a low clearance pad and ultimately selected the Premium Lock for its thickness and cushion comfort. She has already placed another order for her larger living room rug – no more pvc waffle rug pads!

The new rug adds the perfect finishing touch to the cozy dining room!

Sisal Rug with Black Trim from Overstock.com

RugPadUSA is offering a 15% coupon to Georgia & Daughter readers. Just use PR15OFF at checkout! Happy Rug & Rug Pad Shopping!

~georgia & daughter

A Bold Buffet

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending our favorite auction house. Unfortunately, we weren’t the winning bidder on a single item, but that’s the name of the game! We undoubtedly had a great time and always see something new — a boll weevil trap, anyone?

Daughter’s favorite find from any auction is this simple, understated buffet.

IMG_2454- edit

She first spotted it on the auction website and thought it might work for the kitchen nook but pictures can be deceiving. Once we got to the auction and found the buffet under a pile of quilts, we knew we had a winner. The finish was undesirable and the top had a few water marks, but the functionality of the drawers, shelves and pulls were perfection.

Water marks on the top of the buffet

Beautiful wood on the inside doors


Fully functioning drawers and deep shelves

All good news but the piece was in the back of the auction warehouse, translation: auctioned at the end of the evening. Daughter turned to Georgia and said, “We don’t have to stay. It might be a looong night.” And thankfully mother’s wisdom kicked in,  she happily replied, “We don’t have anything else to do or anywhere else to be.” So we settled in and waited. Of course, we bid on a few other small items but we were saving our splurge money for the buffet. Little did we know. . .

The crowd began to thin and the dealers finally left (that is always a great sign!). And when everyone else was packing up, checking out and not paying attention, the auctioneer brought up the buffet. No one even knew! Daughter snatched the absolute perfect addition for only $10. You read that right, $10 (well $12.50 with tax and buyers premium).

After a little clean up and 2 coats of Annie Sloan Graphite with Dark Wax, the steal of the century is centerpiece of the kitchen.

Annie Sloan Graphite

georgia & daughter: A Bold Buffet in Annie Sloan Graphite


Better Homes & Gardens Lamp and Burlap Lamp Shade from WalMart / Courtland Carved Tray from Pier 1 / Threshold Wood Tray with Rope Handles from Target / Vino Wine Decanter from Pottery Barn

georgia & daughter: A Bold Buffet in Annie Sloan Graphite

It’s a “Super Steal” on this Super Bowl Sunday!

~georgia & daughter


Did anyone else catch a sweet craft project on the front of the most recent Pottery Barn catalog?


Look on the right side of the shelf – it’s neutral and adding great texture! Yep, the wine cork sphere!

We shared this simple Wine Cork Ball craft project and it is been a favorite with pinners and blog visitors ever since.  We’ve made about 10 spheres since then and we’ve honed the method. If you plan to move the sphere around the house a bit, the corks may need more stability and we’ve used a toothpick to keep them secure.

So save those wine and champagne corks!

IMG_1060 with logo

IMG_1066 with edits

Drink Wine. Make Crafts. That’s our new life motto.

~georgia & daughter


2016 Word of the Year

Happy New Year! We hope everyone is rested after a busy, joyful holiday season. How did you ring in the New Year? Parties, Champagne, a midnight kiss or were you like us – PJs, pizza and football? Just like the countdown to the ball drop, it’s customary for us to create a New Year’s resolution that may hang around until mid-March. What if we changed our thought process from shamelessly hating ourselves to creating a more mindful approach to life.

You may remember that we, Georgia & Daughter, didn’t have the best start to 2015. On one extremely difficult day, Daughter came across this blog post about creating a “Word of the Year.” Ah, such a simple idea. Yet, it sparked a light that was very dim, almost exhausted. On that very night, after reading the post, Daughter and her husband selected their word of the year: fun-fillment. The previous few months were clouded with dark skies and gloomy weather but they were determined to see the sun again. Luckily with a little help from their closest friends and family, their life was filled with fun, happiness and excitement. The word ‘fun-fillment’ guided them through unto better days. And now it’s time to pick the best word to represent the coming year.

For 2016, Georgia also decided to select a meaningful word. For her, focusing on the present and capturing peace and joy in a hurried world was more important than ever. She selected “mindful” to represent this newly acquired state of mind. We love this graphic below as it truly illustrates Georgia’s direction for 2016.


Daughter and her hubby have possibly some life-altering decisions to make in 2016. For this reason, “purposeful” was chosen to remind them to be direct and intentional with all decisions. On a larger scale, decisions about careers, relocating, expanding a family should be carefully calculated but they also want to be more thoughtful on a smaller scale: friendships, relationships and everyday decisions such as purchasing wants versus needs, creating a more active lifestyle and creating a faith-based home.


Instead of feeling guilt over a relapsed New Year’s resolution, we will continuously look toward our word and the life we want to create. What will your word be?

~georgia & daughter


The Giving Heart: Gifting Secret Santa

You’ll have at least one Secret Santa/White Elephant/Thank You/Teacher Gift this holiday season. You’ll need something sweet, cute and cheap – all in the same breathe. And by now, you are over candles, chocolate and Starbucks gift cards (Although, we still love to receive those gifts!). So for every Secret Santa on your list, we’ve put together a few of our favorite gifts under $20.

Secret Santa Collage 2

  1. Merona Crazy Plaid Blanket from Target – $16.99
  2. Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug from Anthropologie – $10.00
  3. essie Holiday Mini Nail Color Kit from Target – $12.99
  4. Wooden iPhone Case from Mark & Ingram $19.99
  5. Burt’s Bees Holiday Gift Set from Target – $9.99
  6. Janli Mirror Stone Earrings from Francesca’s – $12.00
  7. 3 Letter 10 inch Monogram from Southern Proper Monograms – $18.00
  8. Buffalo Plaid Flashlight from G.H. Bass Factory Outlet – $12.00
  9. Vintage Wood Drink Coaster – Set of 4 from Pottery Barn – $19.50

Secret Santa Collage 3

  1. Portable Wine Glass from Container Store – $11.99
  2. Lovable Livable Home by Young House Love from Amazon – $18.00
  3. French Kitchen Marble Rolling Pin with Stand from Crate & Barrel – $19.95
  4. Magnetic Hourglass from Container Store – $19.99
  5. ED Love Stripe Bracelet from Ellen Degenres – $12.00
  6. Pie Gift Sets from Buttermilk Pie Co – Varies
  7. Socker – Set of 2 Vases from Ikea – $14.99
  8. Blacksmith Bottle Stoppers from Pottery Barn – $13.50
  9. Polka Dot Cosmetic Pouch from Pottery Barn – $15

~georgia & daughter

The Giving Heart: Gifting Experiences

In our family, our favorite gift to give is one of experience. To fully engage in a gift is memorable and thoughtful. It’s not something that the recipient will throw away, re-gift or lose interest later in life. In our humble opinion, its the perfect gift and here are a few ideas that have been extremely successful and fun!


Georgia has found the perfect combination for her son-in-law’s gift – quality coffee and tickets to a concert. She has gifted once in lifetime experiences such as Garth Brooks, Zac Brown Band, Gregg Allman and George Strait. Although these are large headlining tours, any concert at any venue will be well received. Tip: Make sure you know your gift recipient’s musical tastes!

University of Georgia – Athletic Event

Really, you could insert any college institution or pro team into the headline. Our family bleeds red and black so we gift tickets to a variety of sporting events, not just football. Last year, Daughter and Hubby took their cousins to the University of Georgia Gym Dogs meet and had a blast. The entire day was centered around visiting Athens, exploring the UGA campus and dining downtown. The meet was enjoyed by everyone, especially their 10 year old cousin who met each Gym Dog and received an autographed poster. An experience that you can’t really place a price tag on! Plus, they introduced their young cousin to UGA traditions like ringing the Victory Bell!


Cousins and Daughter enjoying the “Pink Out” gymnastic meet at the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs!


Daughter teaching Cousin how to ring the Victory Bell on North Campus, UGA.

Local Theater

Our community has a talented, local theater, the Historic Holly Theater, that provides top-notch productions year round. For Daughter’s in-laws, she usually purchasing tickets for the entire family to attend their Christmas play or concert. The theater sits in beautiful Downtown Dahlonega and during the winter months, the small town is draped in white twinkle lights and provides a festive backdrop. The family dines at one of the local restaurants, bundles up to walk around downtown and concludes the evening with the holiday production.

This gift is well received year round – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries!


Downtown Dahlonega, GA at Christmas

Botanical Garden Season Pass

If you have a gardener in your family, this is the gift that keeps on giving! In the North Georgia area, we have two outstanding public gardens, the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Gibbs Gardens. Daughter’s mother-in-law, who isn’t exactly an avid gardener, received a family season pass to the new Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Gainesville location. Why? She loves to walk! And this gift gave her another setting to walk her crazy marathon treks in a peaceful, calm setting. The family pass also allows her to bring her husband and grandchildren to the gardens and special events.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens also hosts a magical Garden Lights: Holiday Nights through January 9th. It is spectacular!


We have a few tried and true experiences that we like to gift and we are expanding with two new gift options this year.

Cooking Classes

This has been an option for several years. We just never pulled the trigger on purchasing the classes until Daughter’s friend attended and raved about the class. The cooking classes we are looking at are located at Sur La Table, but Williams-Sonoma and other stores offer classes. We can’t give away the recipient yet but we can imagine the two guests will have a great time laughing and cooking!

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Daughter and her Hubby are proud aunt and uncle to 7 year old triplets. Two girls and one boy. You may know, 7 year olds have A LOT of energy! So this year, the crew will be gifted a day of jumping at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Daughter, Hubby, Cousin J and any other brave soul will treat these crazy, lovable kids to a day of jumping, flipping, dunking and any other gymnastics move! It should be a grand time as long as one of the adults doesn’t end up in the hospital.

Sky Zone Atlanta

Have you given a great experience gift? Let us know! Come back tomorrow to see our picks for your Secret Santas!

~georgia & daughter


The Giving Heart: Gifting Art

Art may seem like an unorthodox gift but it can be extremely personal and meaningful. Art can be a life long gift. Luckily, art doesn’t always have to be expensive to be appreciated. We’ve assembled a few of our favorite art retailers for everyone on your list!

Minted.com is our new favorite go-to online shop for art and stationary. They collaborate with independent artists to curate amazing, affordable art. You could spend hours browsing through their fine art print section, plus they have divine fabric and home shops. (Plus, they have extended their Cyber Monday sale through Tuesday.)

Summer Winds by Emily Jeffords

Summer Winds by Emily Jeffords

Redwood Morning

Redwood Morning by Kamala Nahas

Daughter’s favorite online retailer, Winnie Jean, formerly Stephanie Creekmur, will surely bring a smile to anyone. These designs are whimsical, colorful and perfect for your girlfriends, daughters or nieces! What little girl wouldn’t love this quote from Cinderella!


Have Courage & Be Kind print from Winnie Jean

Next, a true Southern favorite. Old Try has been providing thought provoking, witty prints since 2011. Perfect for anyone, especially those who live South of the Mason Dixon and those whose hearts still belong here.

The Line by Old Try

The Line by Old Try

And Daughter’s personal favorite:

Six Eight by Old Try

Six Eight by Old Try

Daughter stumbled upon this artist’s Instagram and immediately feel in love with your pallet knife work. It’s simply stunning. And DeAnn is a Southern artist from Franklin, TN.


Angel Watching Over You by Fine Art by deAnn

You can never go wrong with Chalkboard and Christmas, especially from Dear Lillie. These art prints, over sized canvases and wooden signs are delightful for someone who adores the holidays.

Merry Little Christmas Chalkboard Canvas by Dear Lillie

Merry Little Christmas Chalkboard Canvas by Dear Lillie

Finally, artwork from Daughter’s personal Christmas wishlist. (We hope Hubby is reading.)


Framed 3-Pack Feather artwork from Target

~georgia & daughter

The Giving Heart

We are hoping everyone had a glorious feast for Thanksgiving and spent time with family and friends! Our small family began a new tradition by visiting the Amicalola Falls Lodge and enjoying their beautiful dinner spread. For our family, it was absolutely perfect!




Did anyone brave the Black Friday sales? We spent the day at our favorite Christmas Tree farm, Kinsey Family Farm, and trimming the tree for the holidays.




We are trying to minimize the craziness and chaos of Christmas shopping and focusing on time well spent. We still have a giving heart and want to showcase a few of our favorite things this season. Every day this week, we’ll highlight a new category: Tuesday, Gifting Art; Wednesday, Gifting Experiences; Thursday, Gifting DIY; Gifting Secret Santa.

Come back every day and see our personally selected gifts!

~georgia & daughter